States, local governments and utilities offer various cash rebates for customers including manufacturers and distributors. Aimed at spurring energy efficient measures and systems, rebate programs support users with the rebate amounts varying widely based on state, industry and product.

For businesses, this means that there is a substantial amount of funding available for them to cash in, which in turn will help support their energy reduction initiatives and offset the cost of energy efficient capital investments. For businesses or individuals, it is imperative to find out the different rebate and incentive opportunities that are available to the specific sector.

At Rebate Runner, we have the expertise and experience to plan and develop strategies that can maximize your funding irrespective of your industry type.

We provide accurate rebate estimates, proposals and contracts to our clients within an expected and accepted timeline. Our clients have access to the widest range of precise utility rebate data with just one click. The gamut of service offerings includes Rebate Processing at all three levels, upstream, midstream and downstream rebates.

Instant Discounts

Products such as LED lamps and fixtures, CFL lamps, Refrigeration & HVAC equipment, energy management systems, ENERGY STAR products, and solar panels are offered at a discount to the customer.

We process the documentation including utility rebate verification and rebate fulfilment.

Prescriptive Rebates

Prescriptive rebates are nothing more than changing your existing lighting out with a “prescribed” category of fixture from a given incentive chart. While the brand used can be from any lighting manufacturer, they do have to meet criteria guidelines to qualify for the incentives.

Choose from a list of energy efficient measures to get the energy saving that are right for your company.

Custom Rebates

These include the rebates for the measures which are not listed by the utility but still result in energy savings when implemented. The energy saving calculations presented to utility should be approved by them before incentive reservations.